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Taking on any renovation project can be daunting. Whilst you may have an idea of what you would like the end project to look like, figuring out how to get there can often be confusing and stressful. Choosing the right supplier or finding the right installer can be a minefield. We have all heard horror stories of “Cowboy Builders” or large companies who aren’t truly invested in their customer’s vision and simply supply a product, without helping the customer understand why a product or service may suit their design better, or give them the time to explain why they are the right choice to help make your dream a reality. 


Choosing a local company affords you, the customer, the opportunity to work with a team with a much better understanding of both your design wants and the best materials to ensure a great-looking and high-functioning end product. Local companies will understand enforced regulations and environmental conditions that will make sure your choice is one that is long-lasting and personal to you.


A local company knows that when you are happy with the finished product, and have the sense of pride and satisfaction of seeing your vision realised, you are much more likely to recommend their services to friends or neighbours who are inspired by seeing what you have achieved together. This makes for a more invested supplier as it is their name and reputation that are on the line with every project, and protecting a reputation that has been cultivated over years of hard work and dedication will always be of higher importance than the bottom line. Ultimately, you, the customer, will reap a benefit that many clients of larger companies simply will not see. 


Another of the many advantages of choosing to go local when taking on a building project is knowledge. Not knowledge of product, but of installer. Where some companies will simply supply your design and leave you to your own devices, advanced windows prides itself on developing and maintaining relationships with the best talent to ensure that their products don’t just look the part upon leaving the factory, but are also installed to the highest standard. This translates to further benefit for you the customer. Your feedback can make or break a relationship between Advanced and their installer. This means that our recommended installers will regularly go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with their work so as to ensure a lasting relationship with us. 


So now that you feel confident that shopping local for service is the right choice, the next question is, will the product match up? When it comes to advanced windows the answer to that question is, and always will be, yes. 

Let’s start with the most obvious answer: increased insulation. Dual layers of glass trap heat from the sun during the day and reduce loss to the cold exterior. This ties directly to the second benefit of reduced energy bills. Your double-glazed windows are ensuring increased efficiency, which means that you do not have to constantly burn costly central heating to maintain an interior temperature. This higher upfront cost is therefore offset over time by the saving that you will see on your monthly utility bills. You should look at double glazing as an investment, not only will it make your home eco-friendlier, and reduce your operating costs, but it adds future value to your property. There is an added level of kerb appeal should you come to sell your home, as double glazing has become a standard that most people will look for when purchasing a new property. It is also an investment in your comfort and peace of mind. Not only does double-glazing provide noise reduction, it also makes your property more secure from potential burglaries, as the glass is tougher to force open or break than traditional single glazed windows. With all of this in mind, double-glazing is the advanced choice. 

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