Double vs Triple Glazing

3 times as strong, 3 times as effective BUT 3 times the price?

Does Triple Always Equate to 3 Times More? 

Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing 

I’m going to make this as simple as I can for those of you who don’t know the first thing about windows. You’re here because you need an answer to that question. I am going to give you that. But first, you need the basics.

A Quick Run-down

The energy efficiency of windows is measured using a U value. The lower the U value, the more thermally efficient. To give you an idea…

  • Older single glazed windows could have a U value of up to 5
  • An old double glazed window could have a U value as high as 3
  • Modern double glazed windows generally have a U value of 1.5
  • Modern triple glazed windows have a U value of around 0.8


What is the Difference?

Double glazed windows include an extra pane of glass applied on top of the existing window. This can be achieved through optimisation of the window cavity, low emissivity coatings, and by using aluminium spacers known as ‘cold bridges’.

Triple glazing benefits from an extra pane of glass. These have become standard in Scandinavia and other colder climate countries, and are becoming more popular within the UK. However, triple glazing costs more than double glazing. So…


Which is Better?

Hmm…it’s really not that simple. The answer lies in your personal requirements and the type of property you own, which is why we’d recommend getting in touch to receive a free quote. That way you can make the best decision for YOU. In the meantime, have a scan of how double glazing stands up against triple. Who will be the winner of this battle?


Triple Glazing Knockouts

  • Triple glazing can reduce heat loss and increase heat retention in your house, lowering energy bills!
  • It is less prone to condensation as there’s less of a temperature difference between the glass and other areas of the house. 
  • The increased strength from the additional pane makes your house more secure from break-ins.
  • Enjoy a cosy, quiet night with less noise from outside.
  • Thinking of selling your house in the future? Triple glazing boosts appearance and has the advantage of reducing energy bills, increasing your house’s sales potential.


Double Glazing Blocks


  • The extra pane from triple glazing makes harder windows, yes, but it comes with an additional weight which has the potential to damage walls. Whereas double glazing- limited to two panes of glass- does no such thing.
  • Although triple glazing is more effective at reducing the likelihood of condensation, it can still appear on the outer layer of triple glazed windows.
  • Triple glazing shuts out more light than double glazed windows, making your living room feel a bit dimmer.
  • Higher upfront costs compared to double glazing, and long return on investment.


Is it Worth it?

A 2018 survey conducted by The Eco Experts found that out of 395 UK homeowners who had installed triple glazed windows in the two years prior…

  • 91% agreed that their property felt quieter
  • 90% agreed that their property felt warmer
  • 88% agreed that their property felt more secure 


Triple glazing obviously has its benefits- who doesn’t want a quieter, warmer, more economical house that is less prone to dampness and break-ins? It’s a no-brainer. But do the advantages come at too high a cost? 

If your main priorities are security and strength, triple glazing is probably best for you. In terms of the other benefits, this will be based on your current property- it’s age and location to name a few. Many people will argue that you can achieve the same results with A++ quality double glazed windows- without the potential problems!

Feel free to get in touch to get hold of your free quote and make a better, informed decision.